Yianni Serpanos on transforming the healthcare industry through technology and cultural innovation


In this latest episode of Work Conversations, Austra Health National Manager Gavin Becker sits down for a conversation with Yianni Serpanos, CEO and Founder of Coreplus and HealthTechX.

Yianni is a passionate digital health innovator, who has built leading digital health start-ups with the vision of modernising and transforming the healthcare industry through health tech and cultural innovation.

In this episode, Yianni talks about his career journey: from his initial struggles in the corporate space to moving into the world of start-ups where he became a “serial entrepreneur” who experienced burnout.

He explains what he’s learnt about establishing a work life balance through becoming a “professional lifestylist”, a term he coined that describes how he designs his life so as to have time for family, friends and hobbies while still running two businesses.

Yianni delves into what led him to the creation of Coreplus and HealthTechX. The former is a management software that aims to connect Allied Health providers across Australia with patients using a unique digital health connected network. This creates a network that allows practitioners to emulate the whole healthcare experience remotely, including privacy, security and, most importantly, human connection.

HealthTechX is a community that brings together those who seek to transform healthcare services into something that fits into people’s lives, schedules and goals. It is a community not only focused on digital change, but also a cultural one, understanding that it is the combination of both that will bring new innovations to life.

You can find Yianni Serpanos on LinkedIn here, or find out more about HealthTechX and Coreplus via their websites. You can also listen to Yianni’s Reimagining Healthcare Podcast here.

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