Drug and Alcohol Policy Statement

This information does not contain any contractual terms nor does it form part of your employment contract or contract of engagement, as the case may be, and it may be revised from time to time.

1. Purpose

The Bayside Group is committed to providing a healthy and safe environment for all employees in the workplace and does not condone the misuse of alcohol, prescription drugs or abuse of other drugs by any employee.

This policy covers all Bayside Group offices and worksites including client sites and applies to all employees, on-hired workers and subcontractors, collectively referred to as employees.

2. Definitions

Bayside Group includes Bayside BWE Pty Ltd and the companies and trading names operating within the following brands:

  • Alitis
  • Austra Health
  • Bayside Group Automotive
  • Bayside Personnel
  • Baytech
  • Bridge Consulting
  • CozWine
  • Techstaff

and any other entity which the Directors may from time to time agree to assign to the Bayside Group.

3. Scope

Employees are expected to report fit for duty for scheduled work and be able to perform assigned duties safely and acceptably without any limitations due to the use or after-effects of alcohol, illicit drugs, non-prescription drugs, prescribed medications or any other substance.

Any involvement with alcohol or drugs, during or outside of work hours, can have adverse effects upon an employee’s performance in the workplace, the integrity of work, the safety of others, and the ability to accomplish the goal of a drug free work environment.

As such, the Bayside Group does not tolerate any employee who arrives at their workplace at the start of their work day or shift under the influence of, or misuse of, or in possession of, alcohol or drugs, or whose ability to work is impaired in any way by reason of the consumption of alcohol or any drugs during their work day or shift.

The Bayside Group strictly prohibits unlawful:

  • use
  • manufacture
  • sale
  • purchase
  • offer to purchase or sell
  • transfer
  • distribution
  • consumption, or
  • possession

of any drug while attending work for the Bayside Group.

4. Responsibilities 

Employees must obey all relevant laws and legislations in regard to alcohol and illicit drugs.

Employees have a responsibility to conduct themselves in a professional manner. Bayside Group considers it is unacceptable for employees to be affected by any drugs or alcohol while working or on assignment either during work hours or when representing the Bayside Group at after hours work functions/events.

If you are required to take non-prescription medication or prescribed medications that may affect your performance you must notify your supervisor immediately. 

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