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Five skills recruiters look for in an automotive salesperson

The role of a car salesperson attracts many candidates, from keen automotive enthusiasts to those who thrive in a sales-focused environment.

And while you don’t necessarily need a tertiary education or degree to be a car salesperson, there are a certain set of skills that Bayside Group Automotive’ s recruitment experts have identified as being incredibly helpful when hoping to be hired for this role. Not only this, these skills will also aid in your career success and allow you to become an asset to your employer.

Good communication skills

Perhaps the most critical of all when it comes to presenting yourself as a good car salesperson is possessing excellent communication skills. Communication means much more than simply talking, telling or explaining; it involves active listening that allows you to comprehend the specific needs of each customer, reading and managing body language, conveying often technical information in a digestible way and adjusting your tone of voice.

During your interview, it is important to demonstrate your aptitude for communication while in conversations with the hiring manager. This will help to position you as an employee who is capable of appealing to a broad customer base and will be able to authentically connect with clients, which will often translate into a sale.


It is important for every car salesperson to be adaptable, as each customer will require a different style of interaction. You should be able to modify your methods of communication and sale propositions based on someone’s budget, opinions and different needs. No matter what someone’s background or demographics, you should be able to acclimate yourself in such a way that allows you to build rapport and relate to anyone who walks into the car dealership.

Adaptability isn’t just limited to your customers either. The Australian automotive industry has undergone many changes over the last decade, and will continue to do so over time. It is important that you are able to stay atop of new developments, products and technologies, as well as colleagues and managers, that you will be expected to work with.

Positive attitude

A positive attitude about your dealership, product and position will take you a long way when it comes to being successful in this role. No matter how experienced you may be, or how excellent your selling methods are, if you approach a potential customer with a bad attitude, lack of enthusiasm and grumpy demeanour you’re unlikely to make a sale.

A positive attitude, especially in the face of setbacks, won’t only make you instantly more likable to your customer base, but will also make you more appealing to a potential employer. If they believe you can tackle challenges in the role head on and with a good attitude you are much more likely to land the job!

Understanding financials

Purchasing a car is a big investment for most people, so it is important that as a car salesperson you offer realistic guidance that is based on a good understanding of finances. In addition to this, the ability to work out prices and finance details relatively quickly will be of significant interest to potential employers, as it indicates that you would be able to provide real-time information for clients, thus making the sales process much more efficient.

Good persuasion

Another highly important skill when it comes to proving your worth as a successful car salesperson is by possessing the art of persuasion. This doesn’t mean hoodwinking your customer into buying a product that doesn’t suit them, but instead will allow you to gently position the product as ideal for them after correctly identifying it as their best choice.

An employer will want to see that you can paint an irresistible picture of the product and reassure those who are hesitant with a few well-chosen words of wisdom. 

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