Unlocking the secrets of viral marketing

In the marketing world, having a piece of content go viral is like summitting Mount Everest. It's the ultimate goal in the age of the internet, and has the potential to skyrocket a company's sales. Yet as anyone who has sat down to write a blog post or status update will know, viral content is the exception rather than the norm, and is extremely difficult to achieve. 

So what does is take to create content that will take your marketing efforts to the next level?

Good content evokes a strong emotional response in its audience.

It's tailored to the platform

With so many different digital platforms available, it's important to remember that every one is unique and has different requirements. For instance, a Tweet should be short, snappy and media-rich, while a blog post is often more in-depth. In order to be most effective, it's important that the content is targeted to both the platform and the specific audience that uses it. Viral content consultant Bhavik Sarkhedi says that this goes not only for the format of the content, but the topic as well.

"Each platform is different. An article on Huffington Post versus a post on Facebook versus a Snapchat story, all will need different content angles in order to be successful," he explained in an interview with Business 2 Community.

It invokes emotion

According to Entreprenuer, another key ingredient of viral content is its ability to elicit an emotional response from its audience. By taking a clear position about a topic, you can be sure that you will create strong feelings in your readership, whether positive or negative, and be more sharable as a result.

"Viral content elicits emotions from viewers. Whether the emotions are empowerment, happiness, anger, laughter, etc. does not matter, all of the best content brings forth some emotion well," said Mr Sarkhedi.

Inspiration quotes, interesting facts and attractive images will go a long way to make your content more shareable.Inspiration quotes, interesting facts and attractive images will go a long way to make your content more shareable.

It's original

Lastly, Mr Sarkhedi. notes that it's essential for content to be original if it is to stand out in the never-ending sea of material emerging online every minute. 

"Understanding gaps in what content is available is the best way to bring forth these emotions. No one is going to look at a remake of the Mona Lisa and think it is a masterpiece. Originality is key for inspiring emotion," he said.

BuzzSumo suggests using surprising images and facts, inspirational quotes, and leveraging trends to gain attention.

Overall, as a marketer, the ability to generate content that will be shared time and time again will make you invaluable to any employer. To learn more about the sales and marketing roles we have available with Toyota, click here.